Interview Techniques
Prior preparation prevents poor performance

As a well-prepared candidate, you will be much more confident to respond to the questions you are asked or the tasks you are set. This may give you an edge over others who are less organized and will help you leave a good impression on the potential employer. Here are some tips:

Job Description

Review The Job Description


Do Your Research

It’s natural to feel nervous, especially under pressure and in new situations. Get ready to manage those nerves and practice techniques in advance like:

Remember, you were offered an interview, so the company is already interested in your skills and experience. This is your chance to demonstrate that you are the right person for the role.

Most interviewers will ask if you have questions that you would like to ask them. This usually comes towards the end of the interview. Interviewers like to be asked questions. You can ask questions about the role, the team or about what it’s like to work for that company, such as:

Face-to-Face Interviews